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Download Verifpal® Software

Verifpal is available for all popular operating systems via package managers as well as direct binary downloads. It is recommended to install Verifpal via a package manager if possible, since that will guarantee automatic future updates. The latest version of Verifpal is x.x.xx.
Verifpal is free and open source software: 🧪Verifpal Source Repository.

Verifpal User Manual

Don't forget your copy of the Verifpal User Manual! It's always up to date with accessible information on how to get started with Verifpal, example models, insight into how Verifpal analysis works, as well as three full examples illustrating modeling and analysis of real-world protocols. Plus, there's an entire manga where Verifpal goes on an adventure against the evil Mayor N. D. Middle!

Verifpal is Beta Software

Verifpal now benefits from a higher level of assurance due to the formalization of its syntax, semantics and analysis methodology, both by hand and using the Coq theorem prover. However, it remains classified as beta software due to its relatively young age, especially when compared to similar tools, such as ProVerif, that have been in development for more than twenty years.

Install Via Package Managers

On Windows, you can use the Scoop package manager. On Linux and macOS, you can use the Homebrew package manager. # Scoop instructions for Windows:
scoop bucket add verifpal
scoop install verifpal
# Homebrew instructions for Linux and macOS:
brew tap
brew install verifpal

Download Binaries

Pre-built binaries are also available for popular desktop operating systems:

Verifpal for Visual Studio Code

Verifpal for Visual Studio Code is an extension that provides IDE features for the Verifpal protocol modeling and analysis software within the popular Microsoft Visual Studio Code editor. It is an official extension that is developed and maintained by the Verifpal project. Check out this YouTube video which showcases the Visual Studio Code extension's features.

Scientific Background

A 📄Verifpal Scientific Paper is available for those interested in the project’s technical and research motivations.

Verifpal is inspired by the two decades of seminal work on formal verification by Prof. Bruno Blanchet, the author of the ProVerif formal verification software. Note: this should not be interpreted as an endorsement by Prof. Bruno Blanchet towards Verifpal in any way.

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